IN CIRCULATION is an interdisciplinary journal based in the Department of Art History & Communication Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. The journal is an annual graduate journal, published electronically in the Fall of each year. Each issue will address both historical and contemporary realities. Drawing on the diversity of the bilingual city in which it is based, the journal will explore the circulation of aesthetic, political, and cultural ideas. Without making any specific ideological claims, we nonetheless believe that scholars and artists can take an active role in creating a better world.

In the introduction to Circulation and the City (2010), Alexandra Boutros and Will Straw assert that circulation – as an analytic concept – inevitably evokes both space and time. IN CIRCULATION attempts to capture the essence of this concept through an exploration of the ways in which ideas, commodities, people, images etc., circulate. Each issue responds to a different set of questions revolving around one issue from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

IN CIRCULATION calls for a discussion of the theories, styles, methodologies, and ideologies that appear to have run their course. That is, we seek to re-discover, re-theorize, and re-conceptualize the thinkers and artists for whom others in the scholarly community have already delivered the eulogy. We seek papers that illuminate the relevancy of past thinkers, methodologies. We embrace the potential of the electronic journal, and welcome responses to our pieces, multimedia content, non-linear structures, collaborative wiki sections, and will continue to explore the potential of digital publishing.

Joseph Sannicandro
Cheryl L. Thompson
Alan Hui-Bon-Hoa

Assistants & Volunteers
Mercelie Dionne Petit


ISSN: 2291-9147