Issue 1: Trans-Global Circulations, Fall 2011

Trans-Global Circulations

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From the Editors


Commentary:   Toby Miller – “State of the State”

Critical Media:  James Der Derian – “The Battle of the Carls”

Article:  Samuel R. Galloway – “Towards a (Queer) Politics Beyond the Nation-State”

Article:  Marcienne Martin – “L‘art éphémère”

Music:  Joseph Sannicandro – “Con fuoco d’occhi un nostalgico lupo”

Poetry:  Bachar Bachara – “Rotate Breathing”

Visual Essay:  Franke James – “What Can One Do?”

 Joseph Sannicandro, Cheryl L. Thompson

Assistants & Volunteers
Katherine Borlongan, Damien Charrieras, Will Lockett, Megan Mericle, Errol Salaman

Art: Franke James
Logo: Pia Ravi
Layout: Joseph Sannicandro

Credits and Acknowledgments

Special thanks to the faculty and staff of the department of Art History & Communication Studies atMcGillUniversity. Thanks to Greg Corey for help with the website, Pia Ravi for designing the logos, and Matt Depuis for technical help along the way.  Thanks also go to Caroline Bem, Rafico Ruiz, and Everett Wilson for their role in the earliest stages of this project.